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The last week in easter I go climbing 2 days, the first time I only climb 1 time that day and I get to the middle, and the second day I climb 2 times and I get to the top the first time, and the second in a mor hard route I get to the middle.


Minecraft Meet Up

I buy Minecraft premium and I enter to the server of Agile Badger and I recive some iron from someone and I start mining and I get diamonds and I made a sword and a pickaxe and I start my house.

Thats all what I do, I want to continue playing in the server.

minecraft buildwars

In a server of minecraft @jacek was going to play a game called buildwars, but he said that doesn’t know how to build and he don’t play.

@danithemaker tried out and it was really cool. They give you a theme and you need to build something related. You can put particles or change the floor block. You have 5 minutes to build something and when times up you see the others construction and vote. A coal is terrible, lapiz lazuli is bad, iron is ok, gold is good, diamond epic and emerald is legendary.

Dani won 2 games, I won 1 game but @naborinyah doesn’t won any game XD.

3D Pinball

@alex bring an old computer and there was some games like minesweeper. Me and @jacek Start playing those games and in 3D Pinball we played a los and he made a rocord about 1.000.000 of points then i do 2.000.000 and 2.3 millions but he do 2.5 millions but right now i have The highscore with 2.6 millions But we still triying to make moré points.

This was a game that I played a lot web i was about 6 years old and no internet so i like to much play again that game.

Coup De Etat

Coup De Etat is a game about lie kill and steal.

I start paying this game last week, and I played all the days.

The are different characters like captain, ambassador, assasin, duke and contessa. The objective of the game is to be the last player alive, to kill someone you need an assasin and 3 coins or any card and 7 coins, the contessa can block an assasin. To get coins you can use the duke and get tax (3 coins), with any card you can get foreign aid that is 2 coins but a duke can block that or get 1 coin and pass your turn. You can steal 2 coins to others players with the captain and captain and ambassador can block stealing. With an ambassador you can change a card. Anyone know your cards so you can lie but if someone challenge you, you lose a card, but if you are telling the truth the person who challenge you lose a card.

Thats all see you


Weiqi is an asiatic game were you need to capture all enemy pieces.

I learn to play today friday and I win my first game againts @danithemaker. I love to play games of strategy like chess or checkers and weiqi is a relly good game too.

I recomended to everyone.