Coup De Etat

Coup De Etat is a game about lie kill and steal.

I start paying this game last week, and I played all the days.

The are different characters like captain, ambassador, assasin, duke and contessa. The objective of the game is to be the last player alive, to kill someone you need an assasin and 3 coins or any card and 7 coins, the contessa can block an assasin. To get coins you can use the duke and get tax (3 coins), with any card you can get foreign aid that is 2 coins but a duke can block that or get 1 coin and pass your turn. You can steal 2 coins to others players with the captain and captain and ambassador can block stealing. With an ambassador you can change a card. Anyone know your cards so you can lie but if someone challenge you, you lose a card, but if you are telling the truth the person who challenge you lose a card.

Thats all see you

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