minecraft buildwars

In a server of minecraft @jacek was going to play a game called buildwars, but he said that doesn’t know how to build and he don’t play.

@danithemaker tried out and it was really cool. They give you a theme and you need to build something related. You can put particles or change the floor block. You have 5 minutes to build something and when times up you see the others construction and vote. A coal is terrible, lapiz lazuli is bad, iron is ok, gold is good, diamond epic and emerald is legendary.

Dani won 2 games, I won 1 game but @naborinyah doesn’t won any game XD.

3D Pinball

@alex bring an old computer and there was some games like minesweeper. Me and @jacek Start playing those games and in 3D Pinball we played a los and he made a rocord about 1.000.000 of points then i do 2.000.000 and 2.3 millions but he do 2.5 millions but right now i have The highscore with 2.6 millions But we still triying to make moré points.

This was a game that I played a lot web i was about 6 years old and no internet so i like to much play again that game.